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LEARNBEST is an online educational space that incorporates highly-engaging tutorials and do-at-your-own-pace flexibility into any secondary school curriculum. Because our lessons are entirely Internet-accessible, the only equipment needed is a computer (Macintosh or PC). Through our use of stimulating video, audio, and effective simulations, the LEARNBEST learning environment manages to captivate the sustained interest of students with these cutting-edge approaches which are so relevant to today’s youth. As an additional benefit to both students and teachers, lessons are very easily tailored to suit the unique educational requirements of individual students. Conveniently, customized curriculum is available to schools almost immediately.

In our aim to maximize learning that is enjoyable, concrete and lasting, LEARNBEST brings together a dynamic combination of tests, assignments and lessons that are as fun as they are interesting. Our online program also serves to extend scholarship by directing students through educational games and projects both on and off the computer, as well as by encouraging further web-linked literature to complement the lesson and deepen understanding. Traditional teacher headaches regarding unit and lesson planning are much lessened through applications that allow for the automated adjustment of entire course schedules and learning plans. A teacher’s time spent evaluating student work is also significantly reduced by the utilization of multiple-choice questions, which are built in to the LEARNBEST lesson framework. This structure is of additional benefit in that grading accuracy and consistency are also concurrently improved. Whether your institution offers the standard day-school program, evening/summer classes, or specialized courses, LEARNBEST is well suited to any and all of your needs. Beyond offering all core courses, our selection of electives is extensive.


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