School Builder

School Builder

LearnBest offers ingenious eLearning solutions to academics and other leading organizations around the world. We provide you with the finest products and solutions in the eLearning industry.

One of our primary focuses at LearnBest is research and development. Because of continuous changes in technology, our research and development is conducted with meticulous care resulting in accurate solutions. This procedure allows us to create well-organized products that are tailored to match your needs.

At LearnBest, we pride ourselves on the outstanding customer service and support we offer. While our products already lead the market in originality and creativity; we still take that extra step to maintain a high level of satisfaction. Since your success is important to us, we provide you with dedicated staff members that ensure your goals are achieved.

We are pioneers, educators, engineers, and optimists. Should you wish to expand your teaching globally, we have the determination and tools to uncover your potential as an international educator. We provide powerful partnership with industrious clients and advanced learning tools. Our learning tools are swift and innovative, equipped to meet every one of your needs. Through the services and products we provide, our goal of transforming learning and teaching can be successfully obtained.

What Matters

We focus on what is important to you

  • Customized learning
  • Improving learners. participation
  • Retention and organizational growth
  • Equal support for all learners
  • Improving outcomes and effectiveness
  • Generating value and lowering total cost of holdings


Proceeding with a vision requires absolute commitment and cooperation. At LearnBest, we provide an atmosphere that removes uncertainty while offering support as you advance.

We enable you to adapt successfully and professionally from an existing environment to our platform.

We offer foundational elements to support you with change management for your employees and administrators.

We inspire confidence by demonstrating that we are a highly dependable long-term partner.

At the end of the day, your success motivates and drives us to provide extraordinary products and services.

Our Learning Suite (which includes a Learning Management System / LMS) is changing education, training and networked learning experiences. You will see higher retention rates, increased learner outcomes, reduced expenses, enhanced brands, expansion, and increased user engagement and satisfaction rates. Our systems are designed to have a substantial affect on strategic priorities. Our continued focus on security, accessibility, reliability, user experience and performance means you will always have a system you can trust.

Partner Network Levels

The Partner Network consists of two levels: Network Member and Select Members. These two levels reflect the commitment between us.

As you become more involved in the Partner Network, you will have the chance to work closer with us to increase your level of association. Each level is designed to provide you with the resources needed to achieve your business goals and move up to the next program level.

Network Members

If you have a genuine interest in LearnBest, our Network Member level will provide you with dependable resources to keep you up to date on the latest news and information.

Our Network Member level is intended primarily to open and maintain communication channels with you and prospective partners. Joining a partner program is an important decision, and we want to provide you with a way to “test the waters” before making a commitment.

By joining our Network Member level you will have access to exclusive Partner Network communication benefits, such as the latest business and technology updates.

Best of all, our Network Member level is free. But we do ask that you complete the General Business Profile form. This form will help us understand you and your business so we can offer you the appropriate product and service that match your needs.

Select Members

If you recognized the importance of what our eLearning Enterprise Suite can offer your students, then our Partner Network Select level is right for you. If you are interested in building compatibility or integrating with the LearnBest product suite, and have access to a rich set of programs and benefits designed to help you gain an advantage in the eLearning market, then Select Partner is the right level for you.

Our Partner Network is an effective and mutual initiative that thrives on the active participation of partners in programs. To ensure that both of us is gaining value from all that the program has to offer, you are given the opportunity to become involved in programs that will allow you to offer a more complete solution, build market presence and impact your students. eLearning potentials.