How do we know our applicants will fit your school?

About 98% of our educator placements finish their contracts. Bearing in mind that all the occupations on offer via LearnBest entail applicants to move across the world and adapt to a new culture and work environment, that’s a pretty reassuring number: 98%. In that rare 2% of the time, we offer a 6 month guarantee on our teachers. Free replacement or money back.

What can you expect from LearnBest?

That depends on what you are looking for. We can cater our services to your needs. We can do full cycle recruitment for small schools or recruit hundreds of certified teachers for your government public school board.

We’ve done it all. You will have a dedicated account manager and team working for you. With our technology, we have the ability to process applicants through our system for your job like no other

Our recruiters are dedicated to finding you the teachers you are looking for quickly, effectively and most of all: properly.

We won’t waste your time with too many candidates to choose from: that’s our job, to narrow the field and present you with the best applicants.